This is Nathalie

Nathalie Wahlberg is a creative performer, producer and model with a constant need to move. She loves turning things upside down and challenge her own physicality.
As much as she enjoys her solo work, Nathalie is a social person that thrives in a collaborative environment.

She was recently engaged as a performer in the retrospective exhibition by Marina Abramovic at Louisiana Museum of Moderna Art, performing Imponderabilia from 1977.
Nathalie was also performing together with Abramovic herself in the new performance work “The Cleaner” in collaboration with Moderna Museet and Eric Ericsson Choral Center in Stockholm, early 2017.

Nathalie is currently a student at KAOSPILOT Enterprising Leadership Education in Aarhus (Denmark).

As a performer she was recently active at the Copenhagen Techfestival within the Future Spaces of Silence Summit by Bespoke cph.